"Surfers 2 Success Club" is a club membership site that delivers quality advertising with our banners and login ad advertising mixed in with ongoing weekly training of how to maximize your online income selling our graphic image packs that you can use to make colorful splash pages, banners, and headers. Our club is powered by members who are serious about their online success and believe in the strength of viral team building.

Our one mission is to put money in your pocket! We have made this process so simple and so easy to accomplish. First, being we eliminated the "TireKickers". People who only look for FREE and never become a positive influence or motivator. They just see what they can get for free and stall out programs from producing real income. Second, we take care of those struggling to recruit by helping them advertise their personal referral links through our channels of advertising.

We call this "The Hot Chair (THC)". The Hot Chair is a upgraded member only rotator that is imprinted on all our advertising efforts. Every member that joins and upgrades is automatically inserted into the rotator. When a new member clicks on the rotator link they are forever tied to that sponsor and will become that sponsors direct referral.

Now here is where being a part of our club will turn the tides in your favor! In our Success Club. We have made it so your advertising on traffic exchanges will bring you a great deal of money just selling graphic packages, advertising space, and introducing new members to our Success Club. It's a very simple concept that works because it will provide every traffic exchange marketers dream, Simple, Real, Viral Income! A statistic even veteran marketers will not overlook.

Now, What Is "Surfers 2 Success Club"?

Surfers 2 Success Club is a UNITED EFFORT of Traffic Exchange surfers and marketers world wide who have discovered the secret to unlimited wealth and prosperity through UNITY and  selling our graphics packs, and advertising space.

Surfers that utilize this website believe in team building above all and are guaranteed success because of the value of our products we offer for a low $3 one time fee. And the unlimited viral growth they build as a network using the POWER OF 2 method of building.

What is the Power of 2 Method?

The power of 2 method means that every member must sponsor a minimum of 2 people in order to be a success. The best way is once  you have your 2 referrals, then help those 2 get two each. This will keep your team and network building viral because our membership is designed for you to keep your first referral and pass up your 2nd referral to your sponsor. All others you sponsor after your 2nd, you keep, and they too will pass up their 2nd referral. See figure below.


How Does Compensation Work

Each member who pays their one time club membership fee of $3 which includes the graphic and advertising packages also receives exclusive rights to sell future club memberships and is considered an "affiliate owner". When you complete your very first sale you break even. Your next sale referral is passed to your sponsor. And here is the best part, after your one pass up referral which is your way of saying thank you to your sponsor for introducing you to this site, you keep 100% of all commissions for yourself.

That's awesome right. IT GETS BETTER! Once you have passed your 1 referral up, each referral you kept will now pass their 2nd referral to you. Ensuring your future success with S2S. This is a guaranteed success structure! A traffic exchange surfer who does not join this strategy is really not serious about making money online. This is truly the most simple way to earn an extreme amount of money. All you do to be successful is:

  1. Register your membership for a one time $3 payment.
  2. Collect your purchase of your graphics
  3. Advertise the unique, High Converting Splash pages
  4. Communicate with your team on what to do next
  5. Collect the money from your fastly building Network
  6. And keep repeating steps 3-5.

That is the most simple way to earn money online.

NO Tricks
NO Con or Scams
NO Game Playing

Just a straight money making opportunity for those marketers that are ready to finally put an end to the penny surfing and make some cold hard cash that will never stop growing day after day, week after week, month after month! This site will help you make money from all those days and nights you spent surfing online only making $2-$3 per week or hoping and praying someone upgrade just so you can get your 35%-50% cut while the exchange owner earns the rest. With us "YOU", earn it ALL! 100% Commisions! (Details of other streams of income only allowed to club members)

Click the link below to register/purchase your graphic pack and begin blowing up your account all for the low price of $3 one time club fee

We Are Changing Lives One Step At A Time!



Earnings Disclaimer: As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.  We also advise reading our Terms of Service before continuing registration. Return/Refund Policy